© 2019 by Ryan J. Smith


"Considering its miniature budget (a mere £500), Ryan J. Smith has done the impossible. One can’t really throw many rocks at this production, and it is our pleasure to present this special prize for the production of Skint." - The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards (WINNER SPECIAL PRIZE Micro-Budget Film)

Written and Directed by: Ryan J. Smith

Produced by: Adam Bentley

Director of Photography: Ryan J. Smith

Music by: Ally Pickering

Edited by: Ryan J. Smith and Adam Bentley

Visual Effects by: Adam Bentley

Starring: Sarah Kerr, Mitchell Fisher, Fergus Macgregor, Alex Smith, Tomas Posada, Adam Bentley and August Feldt


Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards: WINNER SPECIAL PRIZE Micro-Budget, NOMINEE Best Feature Under $5000, NOMINEE Best Screenplay

Top Indie Film Awards: NOMINEE No-Budget Spirit Award

Berlin Flash Film Festival: Official Selection

Los Angeles Cinefest: Semi-Finalist

Frostbite Film Festival: Official Finalist

12 Months Film Festival: Official Selection