© 2019 by Ryan J. Smith


"A shocking and eclectic horror" full of blood, gore and supernatural demons.

Written and Directed by: Ryan J. Smith

Produced by: John Ferrer

Executive Producer: Gabriel Ferrer

Director of Photography: Ryan J. Smith

Music by: Ally Pickering

Edited by: Ryan J. Smith

Makeup: Chloe Winslade

Visual Effects by: Danny Lawrence

Starring: Rebecca Von Nielsen


Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards: WINNER Genre Film, NOMINEE Best Director, NOMINEE Best Short Under $5000

Indie Horror Awards: WINNER Best Short, WINNER Best Sound Design, WINNER Best Badass, NOMINEE Director, NOMINEE Best Gore, NOMINEE Best Monster, NOMINEE Best Special Effects

Los Angeles Cinefest: Official Semi-Finalist

Frostbite Film Festival: Official Finalist

12 Months Film Festival: NOMINEE Best Short

The Monthly Film Festival: Official Selection